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22 icons!

Bunch of GLaDOS icons I did back when I got into Portal. I have to say I really really dislike all of these, but I put a lot of work into them, so I don't have the heart to delete 'em. I was new to icon making and it shows! :P

 photo glados_008.jpg  photo glados_012.jpg  photo glados_004.jpg

Your entire life has been a mathematical error )

Credit me or don't...for these I don't particularly care! xD
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TFA icons.

This was the first batch of icons I posted in the TF Animated community on LJ, back in 2009.

 photo bumblebee_bguh.png  photo jetstorm_yay.png  photo blurr-2.png

30 icons behind the cut! )

Credit either [community profile] thedrawingboard or [personal profile] kahaeli. Comments are always super appreciated, but not necessary.